The Story

Aviva is the most engaging wine of the moment, set to revolutionise the alcoholic beverage world one shake at a time! Designed to promote swirling, to give designated drivers a low ABV option that still brings the fun and to challenge your natural reluctance to shake a sparkling wine. This is pure, youthful excitement – bottled. Using the base grape Airen, the wine has only been partially fermented, so there’s plenty of residual sugar. And that odd sparkle? That’s magic dust, and it’s totally drinkable!

The Taste

Aromas of White flowers, citrus fruits  in particular grapefruit and orange rind. On the palate it is sweet, light and persistent with well balanced acidity.
Food pairing: Used for cocktails, as an apperitive or with desserts.
Serving tempereture: Between 4°C and 6°C.


Torreoria S.L.


5,5% VOL


75 cl glass-box of 6 bottles


AVIVA Platinum 75cl 8410744110460
Aviva Pink Gold 75cl 8410744110477
AVIVA Gold 75cl 8410744110453
AVIVA Rose 75cl 8410744009078
AVIVA Blue Sky 75cl 8410744009269