Bertina Blueberry liqueur

The Story

Bertina craft liqueurs are exclusively made from hand picked local Scandinavian berries. All liquers from this range have the lowest possible sugar content in it’s class, and due to that lightness it  opens up new opportunities in mix ability with for Champagne or sparkling wines! The unique retro bottle with a swing-top closure finishes the product in style and makes it a beautiful gift as well!

The Taste

Blueberry’s rich and silky texture. Color deep purple.

Usage: The tartness of this flavor sets it truly apart, and refreshes your cocktail like no other. Due to it’s superior freshness it is unmatched in consuming it on it’s own chilled or on the rocks!


Malibu Brand


20% VOL


70 cl glass, box of 6 bottles


Bertina Blueberry liqueur 70cl 6427401246006