Koch Ossinovsky Vodka

The Story

OSSINOVSKY VODKA is inspired by the slogan of the Estonian Government´s alcohol policy “Drink Half as Much”. The state tries to regulate everything that is connected with the creation, production, importation, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages. It is a policy inspired by the prohibition era in the US in 1920-1933.

This premium class vodka is made from the best Estonian spirit using silver filtration and the knowledge of Koch vodka masters.


KOCH OÜ, LOOTSI 10, 10151 Tallinn


40% VOL


50 cl PET,  box of 5 bottles
70 cl glass,  box of 6 bottles
50 cl wooden suitcase, box of 5 bottles



Koch Ossinovsky Vodka 50 cl PET bottle 4742883013253
Koch Ossinovsky Vodka 70 cl glass bottle 4742883012812
Koch Ossinovsky Vodka 70 cl wooden GIFTBOX 4742883012836
Koch Ossinovsky Vodka 50 cl wooden suitcase 4742883013321