The Story

“The ancient Greeks called the garlic a ragged rose and emphasized its importance as a man of savagery. In Germany and Siberia, garlic has been considered as one of the most effective offspring of dysentery and dyeing agents. In China, garlic was treated with respiratory, cardiac and circulatory diseases, gastrointestinal and menstrual disorders. In Russia, garlic was considered as a medicine for gout and kidney stomachs, and she was removed from the backbone. The Japanese have found that garlic strengthens the immune system and stimulates the activity of the gonads.”

Koch Organic Vodka is an ecologically clean quality vodka, made from 100% natural ingredients, all coming from the purest fields of Estonia.

The Taste

A multi-step filtering system guarantees the best taste and quality, which is achieved through 24 silver filter modules, giving it the smoothest aftertaste.
*Does not contain sugars or additives. Koch ORGANIC GARLIC is organically certified handmade premium class vodka, with more specific production process than usual.
Organically grown and hand-cleaned garlic is matured in tanks for 2 weeks, ensuring a deliciously intense garlic taste that is in aftertaste more sweet and soft.
At the final stage of the product’s development, garlic is removed from the liquid by hand and filtered with silver filter.
The final, crystal clear look to the product gives a polish filter, which makes Organic Garlic a real diamond on every party.


KOCH OÜ, LOOTSI 10, 10151 Tallinn


38% VOL


35 cl glass, box of 12 bottles


Koch Organic Garlic Vodka 38% 35 cl 4742883014854