SUA Strawberry

The Story

SUA, meaning “Su Unico Amore” (Your Only Love), is coming straight from Mendoza, Argentina; the land of passion, beauty, temperament, nice wines and fresh strawberries, which is what this product was inspired by. SUA is made out of Chenin Blanc and Ugni Blanc together with fresh strawberries, no other additives – so 100% natural. The base of the soft red bubbles and a lower alcohol percentage makes it a great aperitive and a welcome guest on every party.

The Taste

Color: Pink lively color with delicate and attractive bubbles.

Nose: Fresh and fruity.

Palate: Smooth and elegant texture. Its bubbles make delicate fresh strawberry flavors come to life on the palate.

Serving suggestion: Based on its structure and complexity, it is an ideal companion of sea food, as well as white meat with citric and smooth sauces. Also perfect as an aperitif and with desserts (especially ones with strawberries or citrus fruits in it).


Dante Robino


8,5% VOL


75 cl glass, box of 6 bottles


Sua Strawberry 75cl 7790717150374