Adega Guimaraes Vinho Verde Rose DOC

The Story

The grapes that give rise to this wine come from vineyards that are selected in accordance with their granitic soil and sun exposure

The grapes are handpicked after every other grape variety is already in the winery. A gentle crush, results in a rich juice that will be fermented at 13ºC with yeasts strains selected to enhance all the varietal flavors of the grapes.

Growing conditions

The Atlantic influence that causes a mild climate provides for the existence of green valleys and gentle maturations, resulting in naturally aromatic, light and refreshing wines.

The Taste

Red fruit notes in the fragrance, structured flavors of berry fruit. Light, a bit of effervescence and refreshing acidity.

Food Pairing: Enjoy it cold, with good friends or with light meals.

Serving temperature: Best served between 7-9 ºC


Adega Guimaraes


10% VOL


75 cl glass


Adega Guimaraes Vinho Verde Rose DOC 75cl 5606618000163