The Story

ALFALFA is alternative name of Lutsern (Medicago) plant. Vodka Alfalfa combines the long-standing traditions of vodka preparation and innovative solutions with the use of modern ingredients in the creation of a unique formulation and modern equipment. Alfalfa has a completely original, soft taste and a pleasant aroma. The effect of drinking this vodka is recorded – “no snack is needed”. These indicators of beverage quality are achieved by experimentally varying natural plant growth factors, with the biologically active food supplement VitaNor (alfalfa extract). Natural, ecologically clean honey, extract of walnut and pine nuts, spices (cumin, cinnamon, cloves), pepper and some herbs (wormwood, sage, etc.) are used in the recipe of vodka. The main of these ingredients are grown on the Estonian island called Hiiumaa in an environmentally friendly environment. The basis of this original organic vodka is the crystalline, purely reconstituted, rectified water and high quality alcohol from the organic food raw material (cereals only).

The Taste

The deep blue colour should give you the hint – the taste is striking and unlike any other vodka, remembers you the childhood with touch of honey and herbs from the purest nature.


KOCH OÜ, LOOTSI 10, 10151 Tallinn


40% VOL


70 cl glass, box of 6 bottles
35 cl glass, box of 8 bottles


ALFALFA 35 cl glass 4742883012652
ALFALFA 70 cl glass 4742883012645
ALFALFA 70 cl BOX 4742883012669