Chateau Mandirac Corbieres

The Story

Grape: syrah (50%) / cinsault / grenache / carignan mourvèdre
Culture: Vines are ploughed. We do not use weedkiller. Pruning is short to regulate the vine’s growth and its grapes yields The vines shoots are tied up along vires to be given the favorable angle to ripen the grapes.
Harvest: The grapes are picked up by machines at the best maturity. The stalks are taken off to avoid vegetal tastes.
Vinification: The whole grapes are placed in vats. The process of fermentation starts naturally. It starts with the juice that runs from burst grapes and also takes place into each grape. The maceration lasts from 8 to 12 days, it allows the full extraction of fruit flavors.
Serving: At room temperature. A rib of beef on good embers and stay in the shade, the afternoon will be beautiful!


Corbieres AOP


13% VOL


75 cl glass, 6 btl in box


Chateau Mandirac Corbieres 13% 75cl glass 3552842180008