Chateau Rolland Sauternes

The Story

Chateau de Rolland, situated just outside the village of Sauternes, thrives of an exceptional terroir just next to the Cirons River (perfect microclimate for Botrytis). The origins of the estate date back to 1492 when the “de Rolland family” acquired the domain. Faithful to its past, Mr Jean Guignard transmitted his knowledge to his three children: François, Lucie and Monique who now manage the chateau. The Guignard family, with whom Barrière has been working for some 30 years now, regulmarly produce an exceptional and highly reliable “golden” wine !

The Taste

Deep golden colour, intense aromas of dry fruit (apricots and figs) enhanced by soft spices. A very elegant wine, crispy, mineral and well-balanced.. A fantastic “golden” wine!
Food Pairing: An excitant match with desserts such as tropical flavored chocolates, apple pie, pumpkin pie, white chocolate and fruit tarts, or the infallible classic pairing with foie gras, roasted white meats as a starter to a
special meal. And lastly, on cheeses, with blue cheeses like Roquefort (ideally mixed with crushed nuts).
Selling Points:
 Exceptional qualitative and pricing regularity
 Sublime “terroir” neighboring many prestigious Classified Growths of Sauternes


Chateau Rolland


13% VOL


37,5 cl glass


Chateau Rolland Sauternes 37,5cl 4742883011921