Neiss Riesling

The Story

In 1959, Ludi Neiss and his wife Christine were farmers with a winery in the Pfalz region of Germany. In the 1970s they converted all of their holdings to viticulture, and in 1997, their son Axel Neiss took over. A fifth-generation winemaker, Axel modernized the family’s wine estate. The existing wines were replaced by classical grape varieties and the estate was increased in size to incorporate some of the best sites in the region. Through his passionate work in viticulture, Axel Neiss ensures amazing wines with top quality.

The Taste

Neiss Riesling is a brilliantly mineral, dry and fresh wine with aromas of bright yellow lemons and taste full of zesty pineapple, peach, and lime.


Ludi Neiss


12,5% VOL


75 cl glass


Neiss Riesling 75cl 4260144743560